Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand Travel Guide

Khao Phing Kan


Thailand is one of the most popular and well-known destinations in Southeast Asia.
In one week, you can go from city, to beach, to jungle.  Thailand has it all, from the luxurious metropolitan of Bangkok to the many beautiful beaches and temples.

If that doesn’t have you sold, just think: $5 massages every day and unlimited pad thai.

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Planning your budget

$1 USD is ≈ 30 THB (Thai Baht)

For 30 Baht ($1) you can buy…

  • 1 beer
  • 1 meal
  • 1 train ticket

*All exchange rates are approximate. Try the XE Currency app for the latest rates. 

Accommodation in Thailand is very cheap. You can book your stay for as low as $4/night for budget travel, or splurge on the most luxurious 5 star hotel. The city and beach towns tend to be more expensive, while northern areas such as Chiang Mai are extremely reasonable.  The cost of accommodation on average is outlined below:

  • Hostel $10
  • Guest House $30
  • Beach Bungalow $40
  • Hotel $50
  • 5 Star Luxury $200

Recommend booking via Agoda, Sawadee, or Airbnb

As with everything else, transportation is also cheap…*however* beware of the tourist trap. Use metered taxis only, and if the driver refuses – get out and find another.  Many accommodations offer airport pick up and drop off for a fixed fee, which I highly recommend.

  • Metro $1
  • Taxi $3 local; $25 airport (up to 1 hr drive)
  • Tuk Tuk $3
  • Overnight train $20
  • Private driver $30/day

For getting around in Bangkok, the metro is extremely easy to use. For longer day trips outside the city, consider hiring a private driver and agreeing upon a flat rate for the day. Often you will get a driver and tour guide in one!

Thai cuisine is cheap and delicious. For the budget traveler, cheap eats are as little as $5 a day. On average, you can enjoy a 3 course meal for less than $20.

  • Street food $1
  • Alcohol $2/drink
  • Thai dish $5
  • Western dish $10

*Tipping is not required. A 10% service charge may be added to your bill.

Planned activities are great in Thailand, as they often include transportation, meals, and a tour guide.  There are several adventure activities unique to Thailand that you can experience for a low cost and at great value.

Recommend booking via Patara Elephant Farm or Thai Elephant Home

Thailand Bucket List

  • Visit a floating market
  • Relax with a massage on the beach
  • Ride an elephant bareback through the jungle
  • Have a drink on the rooftop at Sky Bar
  • Bargain for deals at Chatuchak Weekend Market
  • Cuddle with the big cats at Tiger Kingdom
  • Tour the backroads via Tuk Tuk
  • Get in touch with your spiritual side at one of the many beautiful temples
  • Rent a motorbike and go exploring
  • Take a long-tail boat to visit the famous James Bond Island
  • Be forever changed after watching one of the outrageous ping pong shows


  • James

    “Be forever changed after watching one of the outrageous ping pong shows”
    First: The ping pong shows of comedic movie fame?
    Second: Those are real?
    Finally: If real, how much r/Eyebleach does it take to feel normal?

  • Yes and yes! The ping pong shows are indeed real, and I would say those scars are with me for life. Will have to do a blog post about it soon 🙂

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    Oh My Gosh, I’ve heard about the ping-pong shows. I definately want to hear and see more about that in an upcoming blog! Yes, Please!