Hi, I’m Rachael! I’m from the U.S., but I constantly find myself on the move. Simply put: home is wherever my suitcase is.

Both traveling and living abroad have shaped who I am today — from sleeping in a tiny attic in Barcelona to backpacking Europe, and most recently, working in Japan for several years.

Since 2013, my (now) husband and I have traveled throughout Asia. Some of our best memories have been made in this time … trekking through the jungle bareback on elephants in Thailand … motorbiking through the back roads of Bali … hiking (okay, crawling) to the top of Mt Fuji just in time for sunrise.


The Travel Thread is about bringing people together through a shared love of travel, design, simplicity and style — all while on the road. It’s a place to share travel experiences, motivation and inspiration.



  • Margaux

    What a great site! Your pictures are amazing!

  • Claire

    This is awesome, Rachael! I’m looking forward to following your blog!

  • Clementine

    This is amazing – really looking forward to your “coming soon” posts!

  • Just found your site and it looks great. Would love to see a post on that hike up Mt Fuji, it’s something I’m thinking about for a future trip but not sure. Would love to hear someones elses experience and see a few photos.

    • Thank you Toni! I will definitely include a post about hiking Fuji-san. It’s a must-experience in Japan but can be very strenuous. I have some tips and a few things that I would have done a bit differently! Coming soon 🙂

  • Eric

    Very clean and well-designed site!